Open Call

Brack Seeks Writer Contributors for Artist//Writer Pair Series.

The Artist//Writer Pair Series is an explorative project focused on socially engaged artists, their works, and the issues that they are engaged in, and seeks Writers who have research interests in art or that extend beyond their own non-art fields. This call is open to writers, artists, researchers, curators, culturepreneurs, urban architects who share a passion for the intersections of arts + people, who wish to publish journalistic or research work on the web and in the Brack digital zine. These writers may be based internationally. It’s an opportunity to access the socially engaged artist and his/her practice directly and personally in a broader discussion of its social contexts, creating a new space in the discourse of art, culture, and society.

We seek contributors for this ongoing project through to July 2015. Please get in touch

For the duration of this series, Brack seeks written works of all forms between 800-1,400 words per piece. (Longer pieces are preferred for the Brack digital zine.) These could include interviews, articles, features on exhibitions/projects, etc. The Writer is free to conceptualise other creative pieces in forms not exclusive to: photo essays, video, etc.

The Writer is encouraged to produce at least 2 individual pieces over a period of 4 months with the first piece due in December 2014.  These works will be included on Brack’s website and/or Brack’s digital magazine that will be available for purchase for a small sum.

To Apply:

To be considered for this call, please fill in your interest here.

Any questions? Please email

If you have written similar work(s) on the subject of socially engaged art and/or such projects, we’d be keen to consider them for Brack. Include your name, address, phone number, website (if applicable) and bio in the body of the email and use the subject line “Artist//Writer Pair Series“.

To read more about writing at Brack, please read our Editorial Flyer.




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