Freedom Boat Maruah Brack Project 50/100

Freedom Boat: Harbouring New Truths, a Project 50/100 with Maruah

Freedom Boat Maruah Brack Project 50/100


Together with MARUAH, a Singapore Human Rights NGO, Brack is organising a full-day event that raises the topic of Freedom of Expression. The exhibition showcases socially-conscious art and also explores historically narratives of Singapore. The talk also showcases artists such as Dan Wong and Cyril Wong. The exhibition will also include a performance by Andrée Weshler.

We look forward to seeing you at the one-day only exhibition on 2 August. At Stewords Riverboat,  12 pm-9 pm. The event is open to the public.


This public exhibition is part of Project 50/100, alternative effort to commemorate Singapore’s 50th anniversary.




Fundraising campaign for “Our Lake of Imagination” by Ketemu Projects

Ketemu Projects Our Lake of Imagination SEA Games Singapore Bali

Since January 2015, 75 school children in Kintamani, Bali have been working to harvest water hyacinths from Lake Batur, one of the world’s largest and most spectacular volcanic calderas, to produce an interactive art installation. This dual-nation, community art project is piloted by artist collective and social space Ketemu Project ⋅ Space

On 9 April 2015, the art installation, titled “Danau Imajinasi Kami” or “Our Lake of Imagination”, co-created by these children was completed and shipped to Singapore and displayed at the Marina Bay Sands. A selected few of the children will be travelling to Singapore – also celebrating its 50th year of independence – to represent their peers at the “Torch Up Ceremony” in the 28th SEA Games.

From now to August 2015, Ketemu Project, in collaboration with Brack, is fundraising for “Our Lake of Imagination”. Help us bring the full experience of “Our Lake of Imagination” to Singapore and to the children of Kintamani, Bali.




Multi-Cultural Dread Poster Final

A Conversation circle at Art After Dark: Multicultural Dread with Arjuna Neuman

Multi-Cultural Dread Poster Final

On Friday, 20 March, Brack, with Arjuna Neuman and the Centre of Contemporary Art (CCA), will host a conversation circle for “Multicultural Dread”, a collaborative event and interactive sonic experience. The event will begin with a conversation circle on the topic of racial identity in Singapore. We’re including the synopsis of the event:

Singapore Unlimited calls for a shift in our paradigm from one of “Singapore is too small” to that of “There are no real limits or constraints in this new borderless world.”

-Masterplan 21, Singapore Tourism Board, 1996

Singapore identifies itself as having no borders and “no real limits”. This identity no longer depends on an Other, master nor slave, against which to take shape. This is twinned in the city-state’s single party rule and, more tangibly, in everyday experiences of race.

We invite you to think through and discuss together, the way race at a face-to-face level can be used as a lens to understand the different layers of social organisation in Singapore: from the everyday with its social interactions and subjectivities, to the government’s supposed non-ideological yet pragmatic position, to neoliberalism more generally.

The questions will include:

How is race understood at an everyday level? Why is race and racial categories perhaps stunted, or kept at a stereotypical level?

How is this “retarded” state of racial discourse useful to, or used by the larger organizational structures? By the Government?  And by neoliberalism?

Why might these conditions of race be philosophically, politically or economically functional for those in power?

The conversation circle is moderated by Imran Taib, Founding Member of Leftwrite Center.

Please join us in the conversation circle!

The conversation circle starts at 7 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.
20 March, 2015
Block 38, Malan Road,
Artist Studio #01-06

This event is part of the programme for the Art After Dark party at Gillman Barracks.


Deadline extended; Master Class with Love Difference: HeART OF COMMUNITY

There’s still time to sign up for the Workshop with Love Difference, our master class with Love Difference in creative approaches to community. To give us more time, we have extended the deadline for submission until 28 January 2015, midnight. We’ve also been receiving inquiries on the 50% discount for Students—yes, the Workshop cost of $60 for all card-carrying Students (this means our international friends as well)!

Join us at our upcoming Public Talk, which precedes the Workshop. We look forward to meeting you there!



Brack is a ground-up movement. Please spread the word. #BrackGathering.

Public Talk, 27 January 2015 @ SAM | Filippo Fabbrica from Love Difference

IDENTITA’ AL CENTRO (Identity at the Centre) is a participatory process to identify the indicators of quality of life in the Old Town of the Montevarchi, Italy, funded by the Regional Office for Participation of Tuscany, through a dialogue between Citizens and Public Administration. This is one of Love Difference’s projects in their community-based art works spanning over a decade.

Filippo Fabbrica, artist and project manager at Love Difference, will be in Singapore for Brack’s exclusive Master Class Programme. In a public talk prefacing the Master Class Workshop, Filippo will present their projects and methodologies they have used in their community-based art projects since 2002.

The talk also showcases Matthew Mazotta, current artist-in-residence at the Centre for Contemporary Arts, who will also share his projects in participatory art.

We look forward to seeing you at the Public Talk on 27 January! At the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) at 8Q, Moving Image Gallery,  7 pm-8.30 pm. The event is open to the public.



This public talk is part of a Master Class Programme by Love Difference, also Brack’s first in the series.



Love Difference to Conduct Our First Master Class in Jan 2015: HeART OF COMMUNITY @ Singapore Art Museum

Love Difference Brack MasterClass We’re excited and proud to have Italian artist collective Love Difference in Singapore, to conduct a unique Masterclass Program for the very first time in January 2015. Known for their community-based art approach since 2002, Love Difference will share their methodology in an interactive 2.5-day Workshop for Professionals and Students in the areas of Art, Design, and/or Technology, who may be new to community work in their practice/ research. This could include other professionals working with community, including art therapists, social workers, architects. The Workshop is preceded by a Public Talk and culminates in a Pop-Up at Food For Thought. Please join us for this unique opportunity with Love Difference @ SAM.



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Brack is a ground-up movement. Please spread the word. #BrackGathering.

#BrackGathering, The Artists


As we prepare for launch, we’ve been gathering a particular type of artist: someone social in practice, philosophy and content who share a passion for the intersections of arts + people.

At the same time, we’re using this temporary web space as a way to connect with like-minded individuals beyond Singapore, where we are based, to southeast Asia and across the world, making up quite a diverse community. (You would have seen some quick clips of the artists. And we can’t help it, some of the ideas and conversations that we’ve been fascinated with.)

We extend the invite to Artists socially engaged located anywhere to join us in Brack.

Your artist profile is crucial in developing a connective landscape of artists that it is generated by artists and culture workers. Our goal is to gather a rich connected landscape of such socially engaged artists and practices, focusing on Asia, to bring across such individuals, projects, and issues to a larger audience, institutions, and other stakeholders who share an interest in the intersections of art and society.

To read more, please download the Artist Flyer.

Please get in touch if you would like to join us.