“Al Noor ~ Fragile Vision”

Doing this for four years in Bahbrain we’ve actually seen the impact the work has had on many on the centres we’ve worked with, over the past four years. We’ve worked with kids, we’ve worked with parents, and with teachers. And we have seen the cultural shift that it has caused within these centres. (…)

This project has taken us to the Saudi-Bahraini School for the Blind, to work with young people with autism, to do an artistic residency in al Riwaq Gallery with an autistic young woman from Bahrain and an Omani professional artist, and another artist who’s a sculptor and who’s blind, from Saudi Arabia. All of us are disabled. Four female disabled artists. And we’ve done live performances. I’ve created live paintings to general audiences and mainstream audiences, so these discussions just roll out at every single level of the community so it can’t be ignored.

Al Noor – Fragile is a multi-cultural collaborative project by Rachel Gadsen, Visual and Performance Artist, between UK and Middle East communities and arts organizations which will consider perceptions as to disability, culture, diversity and openness about impairment. This short film is produced in partnership with the British Council UK.


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