Catalyst Arts


Catalyst Arts is a space for anyone to enjoy “art, book, coffee and culture”. Opened by a couple Raymond and Patty back in September 2014, it’s an art shop where collectors can purchase Indonesian artists’, designers’, illustrators’ artworks, and on a daily basis, participate in casual discussions. The space has also been host to several exhibitions, poetry recitals, and even book clubs.


What’s different is that Catalyst Arts is not just a shop front, it holds small workshops on different art skills for the public to try their hand at. These workshops are exclusively taught by Indonesian artists. This January, Catalyst Arts will be having Book Binding, Tapestry, Origami, and Crochet workshops.

All workshops are open to public. No previous experience is needed. This makes Catalyst Arts not only a space to appreciate, discuss, and collect art, but also to share in the simplest things with the people around them – producing a social engagement within art.

If you are interested to join their workshops in Jakarta, find out more at their website:
Or follow on Instagram:


#BrackGathering. Read our open call here.


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