We’re kicking off the Artist/Writer Pair Series!

Brack Artist Writer Pair Series

We’re kicking off the Artist/Writer Pair Series with a flurry of Hello Sessions with artists at Brack. Since we formally launched our open call, we have met up with interesting writers, researchers, artists, even entrepreneurs in the intersection of art and society from corners of art and across communities, and across the world!

Thank you so much for your interest.

We’re excited to start this conversation proper.

As writers continue to be paired with artists to begin their explorative work, we will be meeting with the Artists in a series of Hello Sessions online. We’re using Google Hangout mostly, because we’re enjoying the group messaging function, and because we like being able to see everyone in “face to face” conversations.

You can see some of the artists we’ll be chatting with here at our blog.

At this point, we’d also like to thank our Artist Leads sincerely for sharing other artists and projects that are socially engaged.

If you’d like to join us, please read our open call. We seek contributors for this ongoing project to gather socially engaged artists, their works, and the issues that they are engaged in.




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