“Foundin”, Tan Wei Keong

“Foundin is a city installation of miniature plastic figurines left in public places to be found by passersby.

The figurines outwardly appear to be male and female, young and old, and take on various forms from businessmen to housewives. When a figurine is found, the finder is invited to keep the figurine and to log the find on Foundin website by accessing a web link and QR code printed on the small card on which the figurine stands. Summarised on the project website, all figurines are updated ‘live’ on their statuses, namely “Found”, “Lost” and “Waiting”. The heart of Foundin is the online count of “Found” figurines on the website, which hopefully inspires a growing audience, as the project progresses, to head out and actively explore the city in detail; to notice art in a different scale and perspective.”

By Artist Tan Wei keong, and produced by Samuel Woo, http://www.foundin.org/


Image from We Are Foundin



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