“Together Work”

 I am not optimistic when witnessing the ways people are coming together around modalities of scarcity and suspicion. To counteract this, I consciously choose to focus on remarkable creative actions and alliances with peaceful citizen movements are gaining momentum around a myriad of social justice issues, from domestic workers rights and immigration reform to climate change and environmental disaster recovery. Let’s consider what happens when we shift from a necessary pragmatism of working together to the poetic, transformative possibility of “together work.”2 What makes together work distinct is that it focuses energy and agency on how people are connected to one another to experience both the urgency and the complexity of sustained collective action.

Why are we doing this? There is already an unprecedented level of information and access to such projects all over the world. Yet much of the material is often limited to reportage by a singular voice and focuses on only the final presentation stage of a project. Exemplary work is simply not that easy, and many are deeply curious to know more about what is required.


Together Work, by Carol Stakenas, on Art 21.



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